Wednesday, February 23, 2011


To fulfill my desire in photography, I have created a Photo Blog named ' WarKamera  '. I'm still new and still learning about world of photo shooting, so I hope anyone who visit this site can drop comments for my guideline toward improvement.

I have made a link in my blog for an easy access...enjoy it


Monday, February 14, 2011

Girls & Climbing

Climbing...hurm, maybe for some of us...this sport may suit guys only...but lately...more and more female involve especially in Malaysia...they seem not afraid of height, they try to do what man can do...

Even what surprise me more..some of them are married...this what make climbing is more interesting...the sport itself making the partner getting so close and understand each other because climbing is all about expressing your true self...

Try to take an example of 'The Perfect Partner' : Chris Sharma and Daila Ojeda

For more info, Click

A girl trying to reach the top

The belayer no necessary to be a guy

A couple teaching theirs daughter how to climb

This girl really teach me something

Anyway, this is a good development... hoping more and more girls fall in love with climbing

Some additional link, Click

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Maintaining The Good Health

Just now I got the opportunity to scale my health condition through a machine in Jusco Tman U.

This is the result:

Hurm...I never feeling so much better than this before...maybe the way I manage my lifestyle really affect this result

my weight before was 65 it is 63.9 lose 1.1 kg is actually difficult...well done...hehe

my weight is still in the ideal range which is 53 - 70 kg according to my height (168.5 cm)

Anyway...I still maintain my Body Mass Index (BMI) which is 22.5, still in the ideal range 19 - 25...thank god

Actually I really working on of reducing my excess fat all this I see the result, my body fat index is 24.7%....and it is ideal which in the range of 18 - 27 %...fuh..hurm...but still I think i need to work on it to maintain the level...that the hard thing to do..

Anyhow...these are some links as the addition information on the matter.

Blood Pressure, Klik

Pulse Rate, Klik

What is Good Health, Klik

Tips to control Overweight, Klik

Good luck...may all of us stay in a good health...'an apple a day, keeps the doctor away'

Friday, February 11, 2011

A night @ Kuala Lumpur

Minggu lepas melayan feeling sambil meronda2 di kawasan KL dengan panduan Ajis...hehe...layan kan aje...

Minggu ni tron Kl lagik...x tau nk layan ape pulak..hehehe

Poetic Ammo

Kuala Lumpur

( chorus )
Kuala Lumpur Y'all MC's better know
Kuala Lumpur Capital city on tha go
Kuala Lumpur You gotta get with tha flow
Poetic Ammunition comin real for tha world

Skyscrapers towerin' the masses gatherin' in a city
Of limitless chances and wealth sense shattering
Development materialistic inhabitants
Stressful in their lifestyles
Migrants emergin' from miles apart
Depart from their birthplace to metropolitan KL
Infamous capital where I dwell

There's no barrier battleship carrier the interior
Architechtured engineered with lyrical material
Command like a mystical criteria
Jedi masters syndicate of complete imperial
I the Sniper given the strength and authority
Kuala Lumpur central unit capital city

( chorus )

( C.LOCO )
It's like I never felt alone in the heart of the city
Big metroplis thousands of people just all around me
Immense variation multi-cultures on show
Now you know in the city of Kuala Lumpur
Glad to be the home of the world's tallest building
Petronas Tower working in the city of kings
With zombie-like daytime determined city dwellers
Earnin' a livin' only the strong are survivors
The day turns to night as the nightlife emerges
We all come alive and become nocturnal creatures
In the concrete jungle of Human's creation
Malaysian fron the Major Earth Division

( YOGI B )
Let me bring journey to MC's overseas livin' the Hip Hop creed
Heads up ! Now player heed !
Bounce to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia South East Asian sector
Stupendous culture fusion architecture
Faces of many races in places peacefully mingle
Hardworkin' people of the golden triangle
In sandles I rendevous with homeboys in the stalls
Play the cool drama but keep targets on movin' dolls
Layback just like that yeah lifestyle so easy
But when hell breaks loose in K.L. its time to get busy

( chorus )

Lot Ten Yellow Dagger vision scan as I descend
From the Intrakota that departed Bus Stand Klang
Settin' sights on the urban street corner
Drop dead killa booties B-52 Bomber
(Bomb ass bootie) Infra red dechiper
Metropolitan life be everyday drama

Armour in ancient tradition poems and poetry
Of the nation combined multi-racial with history
The prodigy multi-lingual triangle juristriction
Brings unity among races the ability
Secret ingredients of the nations unknown recipe
Movement of improvement to the city eventually

( chorus )

Ana Raffali - Hujan Bunga di Kuala Lumpur

Ramalan kaji cuaca kata
aku kan jatuh cinta
tapi tak pula beritahu dengan siapa.
Lalu hari ini ku berlari
si dia yang bakal
miliki hati ini.

Mungkin dia ada disitu,
tersenyum padaku,
namun malu-malu.

Hujan bunga di Kuala Lumpur
kini sudah tiada masa
untuk mencari payung
berteduh kita bawah surat khabar
lalu terbaca berita kata
hujan ini tak akan reda.

Ikut rasa ingin sahaja
aku hampirinya
tapi ku takut apa pula kata semua.
Bukan senang untuk
ku meluangkan masa ini
sekadar peluang mengisi
ruang kosong hati.

Mungkin dia ada disitu,
tersenyum padaku,
namun malu-malu.

Hujan bunga di Kuala Lumpur
kini sudah tiada masa
untuk mencari payung
berteduh kita bawah surat khabar
lalu terbaca berita kata
hujan ini tak akan reda.