Monday, February 14, 2011

Girls & Climbing

Climbing...hurm, maybe for some of us...this sport may suit guys only...but lately...more and more female involve especially in Malaysia...they seem not afraid of height, they try to do what man can do...

Even what surprise me more..some of them are married...this what make climbing is more interesting...the sport itself making the partner getting so close and understand each other because climbing is all about expressing your true self...

Try to take an example of 'The Perfect Partner' : Chris Sharma and Daila Ojeda

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A girl trying to reach the top

The belayer no necessary to be a guy

A couple teaching theirs daughter how to climb

This girl really teach me something

Anyway, this is a good development... hoping more and more girls fall in love with climbing

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  1. wark..
    kne ltak gmbr atiq skli..
    atiq yg hbat!

  2. huhu...x leh letak gamba dak SRC..nnt kembang lebey~~

  3. owh...ini sebab ko xletak gbr kitaorg..xpe2~~

  4. aku lagi suka kalau pompuan panjat badan aku..aku rasa cool..

  5. girl wif wall climbing,.?
    its sound great,...
    Like us,..