Saturday, February 12, 2011

Maintaining The Good Health

Just now I got the opportunity to scale my health condition through a machine in Jusco Tman U.

This is the result:

Hurm...I never feeling so much better than this before...maybe the way I manage my lifestyle really affect this result

my weight before was 65 it is 63.9 lose 1.1 kg is actually difficult...well done...hehe

my weight is still in the ideal range which is 53 - 70 kg according to my height (168.5 cm)

Anyway...I still maintain my Body Mass Index (BMI) which is 22.5, still in the ideal range 19 - 25...thank god

Actually I really working on of reducing my excess fat all this I see the result, my body fat index is 24.7%....and it is ideal which in the range of 18 - 27 %...fuh..hurm...but still I think i need to work on it to maintain the level...that the hard thing to do..

Anyhow...these are some links as the addition information on the matter.

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Good luck...may all of us stay in a good health...'an apple a day, keeps the doctor away'


  1. haha. machine yg RM 2 tu ek. terbaek jugak lah wak. aku punye BMI 16.07 je. macam mana ni. argh!

  2. mesin sehinggit...kuat lg makan uzair...baru leh bdan naek~~